Category: Series

Chief of Staff 2 (Episode 02) 2019 JTBC Netflix Drama Political

Catch The Ghost (Episode 08) 2019 tvN Comedy Drama Investigation Romance

The Tale of Nokdu (Episode 25-26) 2019 KBS2 Action Comedy Historical Romance

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (Episode 27-28) 2019 KBS2 Comedy Drama Family Romance

Melting Me Softly (Episode 14) 2019 tvN Comedy Fantasy Mystery Romance Sci-Fi

The Lies Within (Episode 10) 2019 OCN Detective Drama Investigation Mystery Thriller

Never Twice (Episode 07-08) 2019 MBC Comedy Drama Family Friendship Romance

Vagabond (Episode 14) 2019 SBS Action Crime Investigation Melodrama Romance Suspense

My Country: The New Age (Episode 12) 2019 JTBC Action Drama Historical Romance

When the Camellia Blooms (Episode 31-32) 2019 KBS2 Comedy Drama Family Romance Thriller

Pegasus Market (Episode 08) 2019 tvN Comedy Drama

Extraordinary You (Episode 23-24) 2019 MBC Comedy Fantasy Friendship Romance School

Miss Lee (Episode 14) 2019 tvN Business Comedy Drama

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (Episode 16) 2019 JTBC Comedy Drama Historical Political Romance

V.I.P (Episode 04) 2019 SBS Business Drama Melodrama Mystery